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Chapter 110: Mrs.


Zi Yi never expected Qin Yuqiao to call early in the morning the next day to inform her the reception dinner was cancelled.

When she heard the news, she did not care at all.

After the call disconnected, she continued to work on her racing car modifications.

What she did not know was, during the Qin Familys dinner reception, those two friends of Qin Yuqiao had acted out a good show before Mrs.


They pretended and inadvertently revealed all the things Zi Yi had done to Mrs.


On the surface, Mrs.

Lu did not have any reaction.

However, after the dinner reception and on the way back, she gave Lu Jingye a call.

Lu Jingye was still at the company.

When he knew his mother called to complain about his absence, he apologized in advance.

“Mother, Im sorry.

I was honestly unable to attend the dinner reception.”


Lu gave him a discontented snort and said, “I already knew you would not attend.

Well, it doesnt matter.

Finding me a daughter-in-law will do.”

Lu Jingye said helplessly, “Mother, Ive already mentioned it.

As long as I have someone I like, I will immediately bring her home.”


Lu was even unhappier.

“Youve repeated this phrase for several years.

Look, those in your generation, and many that are younger than you already have kids.

Yet, you have not even dated once! Youre simply wasting the good appearance Ive given you!”

Having said that, her voice changed and her tone became stern.

“Our family doesnt require you and your brother to find someone suitable for the family.

However, they must have good character.”

“Mother.” Lu Jingye knew her mother must have heard something tonight about Zi Yi and said, “Many times, rumours are not credible.”

Moreover, it was unknown if she was the real Zi Yi.

Perhaps Mrs.

Lu had listened to his words and did not speak any further.

She only told him that he had to rest tonight and hung up the call.

Lu Jingye waited for the call to be disconnected and thought for a moment before he said to the secretary, “Have everyone return and rest tonight.”

Following this, he stood up, took his suit jacket and left.

Early the next morning, Zi Yi heard the doorbell and subconsciously assumed it was Lu Jingyes housekeeper who had come to deliver her breakfast.

She walked out and saw that the car parked outside was unexpectedly the one Lu Jingye often rode in.

Her lips curled up.

She walked to the car and knocked on the window.

The window lowered and revealed Lu Jingyes handsome face.

“Hi, Lu Jingye.”

He looked at her smiling like a flower and an unknown feeling surged in his heart.

As expected, she merely did it out of curiosity.

He opened the door and passed her the meal box.

The housekeeper was the one delivering the meal for the past few days and therefore, she asked in passing, “Why didnt the housekeeper deliver the meal today”

Lu Jingye responded, “The housekeeper has something to do.”

After that, he motioned for her to take the box.

Just as she took it, he was about to close the door.

Zi Yi put her hands on the windows and said, “Lu Jingye, wait.”

He stopped and looked at her.

Zi Yi blinked and curled her lips as she said, “Ill be refitting the engine shortly.

If youre free today, come and give me a hand later on in the morning.”

She then looked at him expectantly.

Lu Jingye did not agree at once, as if he was considering it.

At that moment, Zi Yis phone rang.

The call was from Ouyang Ming.

Ouyang Ming asked her, “Are you preparing the racing car yourself or should I prepare it for you.”

Obviously, she would be preparing the car herself.

After she hung up the call, she looked up and met with Lu Jingyes, slightly deeper than usual, eyes.

She then heard his response.



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