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Chapter 101: More Than That of Junior Sister and Senior Brother

Zi Yi looked at Lu Jingye, then at Qin Yuqiao who was either intentionally or unintentionally looking at them.

All of a sudden, she felt that joining tables was a pretty good idea.

While sitting in the private room and waiting for the dishes to be served, Qin Yi and Lu Jingye started to discuss some of their recent business affairs.

Qin Yuqiao casually chatted with Zi Yi.

“You seem rather young and yet, youre Professor Dous student… I heard that Professor Dou is very strict in regards to taking students under his wing.”

How could Zi Yi be oblivious to the fact that she was testing her Her gaze wandered over Lu Jingyes handsome face for a moment before she replied, “I guess its alright.

In fact, its not very difficult to study under Professor Dou.”

Qin Yuqiaos expression stilled for a moment before she smiled and said, “As expected of Second Brothers Junior Sister.

Since youre so talented, I believe you must have some experience in finance.

Forgive me for asking, but what business does your family engage in I believe you should have started to deal with company affairs alongside your father”


“Uh…” Qin Yuqiao had not expected such a response.

Not to mention, her reply was very straightforward.

In fact, she wanted to ask further.

But out of politeness, she merely smiled.

“With a teacher like Professor Dou, and Second Brother as your Senior Brother, I believe you will definitely progress well in the finance industry in the future.”

Zi Yi inexplicably felt like laughing from her flattery.

This young lady is pretty interesting.

She then decided to help her shift the conversation to her intended topic out of kindness.

“You must be curious.

Other than the relationship of Junior Sister and Senior Brother, what other relationship is there between me and Lu Jingye”

Her words not only caused Qin Yuqiao to stare at her but even Lu Jingye and Qin Yi suddenly looked over at her.

Zi Yi suddenly gave Lu Jingye a flirtatious gaze, along with a sweet smile that made it hard for people to look away.

“In fact, our relationship is not only that of a Junior Sister and Senior Brother but also…” A debtor and creditor relationship.

Zi Yi deliberately omitted the last sentence.

She suddenly complained.

“Why hasnt the dish been served Im hungry.”

The Qin Familys brother and sister, whose curiosity had been piqued, felt insufferable from the sudden change of topic.

Lu Jingye maintained his calm, collected, and elegant expression.

Qin Yuqiao could not endure it and asked, “What other relationship do you have with Second Brother”

Zi Yi eyed Qin Yuqiao who was obviously nervous and yet, pretending as if she had casually asked the question.

She deliberately said, “Go and ask Lu Jingye.”

The Qin Familys siblings gaze had subconsciously shifted back to Lu Jingyes face.

Lu Jingye sat there, looked at the little girl who was obviously acting mischievously, and calmly said to her, “Yiyi, dont make trouble.”

Zi Yi shrugged her shoulders and acted as if she was afraid of him.

“Alright, I shall not say anymore.”

Qin Yuqiaos expression almost changed.

Before her expression changed, Qin Yi said while laughing, “Second Brother, dont tell me you bully your Junior Sister often and thats why she doesnt dare to tell the truth”

“What truth”

Qin Yi knew that it was time to stop the topic here when Lu Jingye asked that question.

“Haha, Im only joking around.”

Fortunately, the manager had led the waiters in to serve their dishes.

Finally, the dishes were all served.

Zi Yi was honestly hungry and she buried her head as she devoured the food.

Anyone who had the slightest understanding about Lu Jingye knew that he disliked holding a conversation while eating.

In the end, the meal was finished in a quiet atmosphere.

Zi Yi was about to return when Qin Yuqiao suddenly asked, “Do you have something on in the afternoon”

Zi Yi originally wanted to say yes, but those words stopped at her throat and she asked, “Why”

Qin Yuqiao grinned and acted very friendly.

“If youre free, why dont we go shopping”


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