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Chapter 1246: Out of Practice 2

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It was very important to get Destiny Monk here, so De Fu could not delay at all, so he hurried off.

As for what happened between him and Gu Chaoyan in the court, it was not mentioned, because compared to Destiny Monks arrival, what mattered more was very clear for De Fu.

He understood well what he should and should not do.

Destiny Monk was at Yanxing Palace, and without any order from the King, people would stay there and wait.

That was what the rules were like in the court, even if that person was Destiny Monk.

The King had never thought that Destiny Monk would come to the court of his own accord, so he did not tell his staff how to receive him.

Therefore, it was quite chaotic in the court.

De Fu went to Yanxing Palace with utter courtesy.



In Qianqing Palace, the King and Gu Ruxue were both very quiet.

Both of them were planning something.

The King was more excited, because he had not expected that he would be able to bring Destiny Monk out of his seclusion.

It was something that had been pestering him all this while.

It was the correct thing for him to send the Crown Prince to Jiayu Pass whilst keeping the Crown Prince Consort here.

He wondered what Destiny Monk would have for him.

When everything was sorted out clearly, he was going to send a letter to the Crown Prince and let him return as soon as possible.

The King was thinking about a lot of things.

Gu Ruxue was the most excited because she had always been wearing the title of being the Phoenix Girl, but she had not proven to herself that she was one, despite the recognition from most people in the capital.

Now that Destiny Monk was out of practice was the best time for her to prove herself.

Gu Ruxue clenched her hands tightly, her knuckles turning pale because of the force.

She had no feelings for pain.

She was just feeling really nervous.

Some movement happened outside Qianqing Palace.

Both of them were looking outside with full concentration.

De Fu showed Destiny Monk to the court.

Destiny Monk was about to greet the King and the Crown Prince Consort when the King waved his hands, and turned it down.

He said politely, “No need, Destiny Monk, please take a seat!”


“I am the King, but I cant accept your greetings!” The King said, sounding a bit anxious.

The King owned the whole land, but the Destiny Monk could learn the heavens destiny, so he should not be offended.

The King was pretty aware of that.

Seeing how the King reacted, Destiny Monk smiled.

He was quite satisfied about that.

Normally, it was not yet the time for him to come out of practice, but he was out because he had predicted something and had to come out.

He felt even worse when he learned of what happened in the court.

After receiving Destiny Monk, the King looked at him and asked straightforwardly.

“Destiny Monk, are you out because of the Phoenix Girl Can the secret of the Phoenix Girl be revealed right now Is it time to follow the heavens destiny”

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