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Chapter 1245: Out of Practice

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Gu Ruxue was smiling and wondering what she could do with what she had now – she was gaining a lot of reputation among the civilians and officers, which was such a surprise for her!

However, hearing that the King had something to ask her, she got startled and looked at the King.

“Did you feel anything strange before and after the banquet” The King asked.

When a nation was in trouble, the Phoenix Girl should at least have the ability to sense something.

Although she might not learn of the destiny, at least she should have some sense.

The Destiny Monk did not mention it and it was not known to anyone else, but he knew it well.

He was the King of the Saint Divine Land…


And the Kings of different generations of the Saint Divine Land knew quite a lot about the Saint Divine Land.

Some stories were passed on over different generations.

And the one that could hear the story should be the real heir to the throne.

The Crown Prince had no idea about this, because he was not yet to be the King so he should not be told.

Hearing that… Gu Ruxue felt quite nervous.

She did not sense a thing! She did not even have any idea of what happened in the court after all.

However, she did not dare to answer a no directly right now.

Instead, she thought for a while hesitantly and then said, “Yes… I had been feeling quite uncomfortable starting from yesterday on.

I thought that it was just because I wasnt feeling well, so I did not put many thoughts in it, but then something horrible happened today.

Had I known about this, I would have reminded you.”

Gu Ruxue showed a self-blaming look on her as she spoke.

The King looked at her and felt slightly better.

It was good that she had the premonitions.

What happened today was already over, but as long as she watched for the situation in the future, it would be much better.

“It is fine, not a big deal.

You should tell me if you dont feel well in the future,” the King said indifferently.

“I have just sent someone to get Destiny Monk.

I wonder if he is out of seclusion now.

Such a huge thing happened in the court, so he should be out here.

You can stay in the court these days.

I cant award you any palace, but you can go to the Honored Princess Jing to let her arrange something for you.” The King stressed.

Gu Ruxue let out a sigh of relief and nodded, getting ready to find Honored Princess Jing.

Apart from staying in the court, Gu Ruxue was going to check if Chu Xiwen had been dealt with by her Elder Brother.

That was really important.

She intended to gather the Chu Familys forces, and hated Chu Xiwen.

If Chu Xiwen was successfully framed, she would be at her mercy from now on!

Gu Ruxue was about to leave when De Fu came with a look of cheer.

“Destiny Monk is out!”

“Really” The King was very surprised.

Destiny Monk had been in seclusion for a long time, which he felt quite anxious about.

Finally, he came out.


Since he was out, it basically meant that the Phoenix Girl was going to be put into use

The King looked very greedy as he started to think about how to deal with the Phoenix Girl.

“Bring Destiny Monk here to the Qianqing Palace!”

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