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Chapter 1244: Asking You

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“Also, how could I treat someone for free!” Gu Chaoyan said with a look as if it were natural.

However… the King was a King with small thoughts.

Although there were many schemes and conflicts back in the court, it was still the same in the front court, some things were just covered up by some so-called stuff.

That De Fu was doing this for the King was totally clear.

If not for his approval, nothing like this would have happened.

Gu Chaoyan could not help but shake her head slightly.

She had her eyes closed in the wagon for a nap.


What happened in the court was settled, but Gu Chaoyan knew that it was just something on the surface.

Mu Yihan had escaped, and things would get much more complicated.

Mu Yihan should not have been kept after he was caught.

He understood that he could not be conquered by the King, so he would always be a potential trouble.

He had not been found and it would never be easy to find him again.

Gu Chaoyan would get really tired.


In the court.

De Fu did not return to Qianqing Palace directly after he settled Gu Chaoyan.

He allowed his men to check what Gu Chaoyan was doing afterwards.

He was extremely startled when he heard what Gu Chaoyan was up to.

He had failed to conduct that plan well, but he had allowed things to become so horrible!

He had an even worse opinion of Gu Chaoyan!

She accepted the gifts and bragged about it!

De Fu let out a sigh of relief and headed towards Qianqing Palace, thinking about what he should say to the King.

De Fu got back to Qianqing Palace.

The King was speaking with Gu Ruxue.

De Fu let out a sigh of relief and poured them tea.

“I told Gu Chaoyan not to reveal a thing out of the court.

Crown Prince Consort, you should be cautious and smart about this too.

As long as there is an imperial army there, I wont let them reveal anything.

So you are taking over the fruits for the chaos of the court.”


“You got the achievement so you should handle it well.

I trust that you know how to do that!” the King said calmly.

Gu Ruxues eyes sparkled.

She said, “For real”

The King did not answer her.

Gu Ruxue already knew that it was for real.

She was no longer as angry as before.

She was very pleased – Gu Chaoyan, you can achieve nothing no matter how much you try!

“Dont worry, I will handle it well,” Gu Ruxue said accordingly.

The King nodded feeling assured.

He had made a good arrangement, so even if she was not that smart, she would always think that it was she who achieved it.

So there was no need to worry about her.

“The victory news has arrived from Jiayu Pass, but it leads to chaos in the court.

Destiny Monk has been under seclusion for too long, so he should come out to see what the Saint Divine Land is like now.”


“Our land is flourishing, and we are under the Phoenix Girls protection.

We are going to unite the whole world!”


“We have too many things happening these days, so I think it is time!”


“Crown Prince Consort, you should stay in the court, and guard the court of the Saint Divine Land.”


“Also, I have one more thing to ask you.”

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