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Night time

It was nighttime by the time Wenmin finished his dinner and cleaned himself. He was idle on his bed and was thinking about todays business with the young master and decided to start farming seriously and also to learn how to cultivate. He remembered seeing a few books about farming and cultivation inside the hut in the space and wanted to check them out.

He closed his eyes and carried Heihei with him to space. He wanted to bring Heihei inside the space and make him recognise the space. If anything dangerous happens he can put Heihei inside it and Heihei will be safe. They entered the space together, and with the surrounding environment changed, Heihei started to get excited and squirm to get down.

The space didn change and the greens are growing up healthily but the ones that dropped on the ground seem to rot. Looks like I made a discovery. Wenmin realised that the plants that grew inside the space will inevitably grow healthily and with the help of the spring water, they will grow faster with super good quality. However, if the fruits or vegetables drop to the ground and are left there for a long time, they will rot. Just like any other ordinary occurrence in the normal world.

After inspecting the crops, he went inside the hut. He took out the books and divided them into different groups. The first one will be the farming group, the second will be the cultivation group and the third one will be the miscellaneous ones that Ama wrote when he was still alive. Wenmin didn get the chance to go through every one of them yet, so he decided to divide them into groups to make it easier for him to check them.

The number of books wasn that much. Looking at how expensive it is papers, inks and brushes is when he went to town, he guessed that Ama didn want to waste a lot of money on them and just wrote the important stuff. The farming group only have two books, one for vegetable plants and the other is fruit plants.

He went through them and saw that a lot of the plants were common vegetables and fruits and the exotics ones like chillies and peppers were not many. Seeing how Ama wrote the steps and care of every plant, Wenmin can see a figure of a man, planting and recording the results and steps with care. A little smile appeared on his face.

Back in the real world, he was always alone. There was no one in the house, he was an orphan and he grew up with books around him. Knowing that he was transmigrated into another world, Wenmin didn particularly miss his original world. He knew that nobody would care about him and maybe the reason why he was transmigrated was that he died or an accident happened in the original world.

Then, he reached out to pick the cultivation books. There are also two types of books. One has Farming Cultivation written on its cover and the other one is Body Cultivation. Two different books with two different methods but both of them are very valuable and will be of great help to the person who got them.

Though not all will think that Farming Cultivation can bring them any profit, Wenmin, his current life will benefit a lot from the book. Thus, he was happy when he saw the cover and quickly went through it. Ama explains that to be able to master the farming cultivation method, he must first master the Body Cultivation book as it will teach him how to cultivate his body with qi.

By mastering qi, his body will be able to store them and his body strength and health will increase greatly. Once he masters the technique, he will be able to transfer the qi into the plants when planted and the plants will grow well with a little bit of qi inside them. Whoever consumes vegetables and fruits with qi, their body will also become healthier and stronger.

Wenmin read the two books with shining eyes. He was excited when he read the contents and couldn wait to start learning them. With this, he can become stronger and eventually have an awesome green thumb cheat. Im gonna be a cheat collector in this world MUEHEHEHE~ my oh my, Wenmin sure is living his life happily.

He decided to keep the books in his space for safety reasons and read them when he was alone. He didn want Amas hard work to be used by other people, especially people with malicious means. If the Chen family knew about this, they will probably scramble to say that the books are theirs and use the family card.

He went outside of the hut and saw Heihei running around in the garden. "Heihei! Are you having fun? Come here. This is the spring water that I feed you last time. Come and taste." Wenmin scoops a handful of water and feeds Heihei. Looks like Heihei likes the spring water. Wenmin realizes that since the last time Heihei drank the water, his fur and appetite looks healthier.

Even his skin and body become fairer and stronger. He was satisfied with his strength but he was a bit worried about his looks. He wasn used to seeing himself looking so fragile and soft. Even though he wasn that tall in his original world, he still looks a bit manly. Hes also worried about how gers can get pregnant and all.

He remembered that there are a few seeds inside the hut and took a few of them to be planted inside his garden. He was contemplating whether to take one of the books out to learn in his free time and decided on Body Cultivation as he has to master the core to be able to do his best in farming. He took Heihei, the book and the seeds and got out of space.

The sky was still dark. He puts Heihei down and sits on his bed. He took out the book and read a few pages. There are ten stages of qi. Stages 1-3 deal primarily with physical health and healing, stages 4-6 with mental or emotional well-being and stages 7-10 with the unfolding of our deepest spiritual potentials.

He understood the texts roughly and decided to master the first three steps tonight. The first stage is to discover qi. Wenmin sits up straight and closes his eyes. He searches for any flowing energy inside his body and focuses on them.

As he was searching, he sense a warm energy inside of him. It didn feel hot or uncomfortable, the energy feels warm and gentle and it flows inside his body as if to warm him up. Wenmin was elated to find out he has the qualification to cultivate and thus resumes.

The next stage is to distribute the qi to all parts of his body. He began to breathe deeply and try to push the qi from his core body to his other body parts. He feels a warm current flowing inside his nerves and blood, going to his fingers, arms, and legs and his head felt hot. Tiny drops of sweat appeared on his forehead and his back.

The third stage is to wrap the body with qi. Once he feels the qi flowing inside his body, he also discovered that there are certain places where the qi will gather, which is the dantian. There are three places and there are the three dantian. The upper dantian is located inside his head, the middle dantian is located inside his chest and the lower dantian is located inside his abdomen.

He felt those warm currents strongly inside these three places. He was sweating profusely and decided to learn the other stages next time. He opened his eyes and felt like his vision got better. He can see in the dark much clearer than before and his body didn feel as cold as before too. He touch his abdomen and he could still feel the warmth of the qi and it feels comfortable.

He wasn comfortable sleeping with his sweat and decided to take a bath. He changed into clean clothes and lay on his bed. He stared at his ceiling and decided to try planting half of the seeds that he brought back without qi while the other half with qi and record the growing process.

He started feeling sleepy and spread his blanket. Heihei felt the warmth emitting from Wenmins body and decided to sleep beside his body rather than his feet. Wenmin smiled and rubs Heiheis head before enveloping him with the blanket.

Wenmin fell asleep with qi around his body. He didn feel the cold of the night and slept like a baby. Unbeknownst to him, two figures on a high horse were galloping at a high speed from the capital headed towards the village. From the capital to the village will take at least half a month by horse and a month by carriage.

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