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In a room in the castle of the Death King Isis…… The room of Rasal, one of the Death Kings executives, Pleiades, looked more like a laboratory than just a room filled with various research paraphernalia.

The rooms owner, Rasal, was mixing some chemicals at her desk, perhaps in the middle of her research.



[……What are you making this time, Rasal]

[Where the heck did you come from……]

[From the entrance.

I see youve changed the password pattern on the entrance technique in your door.

I know youre just being as cautious as ever, but its troublesome for me to come in.]

[……Tsk, its already broken through huh.

Youre still as pointlessly excellent and inconsiderate as ever.]



Although Rasal certainly is cautious and vigilant, the Anti-Intrusion Techniques she had set up at the entrance to the room are mainly countermeasures against Eulpecula.

Theyre countermeasures against the mischievous Eulpecula, who, as in this case, suddenly decides to visit, interrupting her research and taking away items made by Rasal without permission.

However, Eulpecula, whose senses, talent and even dexterity were on the level where shes called a bug of this world, can break through it in a short time no matter how many times she changes the technique……



[So, what are you making]

[Im making new detergents under Iris request.

This time, detergent for tableware.]

[Heehhh~~ Wont it be as bad as that soap you made before That soap filled the onsen with lots of bubbles, remember]

[I put that away because it was a failure, but you just had to take it out and put it in the bathroom without permission……]

[That soap was quite fun though~~]



For Rasal, the act of researching is her hobby, and she dabbles in many different genres.

These days, she often makes household items, making her quite famous in some circles for creating products that often perform wonderfully.

Rasal herself enjoys the research itself and isnt interested in the prestige that comes with the result though, so she just sells the rights to the finished products to her acquaintances, such as Sechs.



[……Oya What is this]

[Its the prototype of a powerful bleaching agent I was trying to make.

Dont touch it.

It was made to be extremely effective for experiments, as it literally turns everything white.]

[What are you even gonna do with such an extreme product]

[I made that purely as an experiment.

Its more efficient to record the maximum and minimum values of the subject, and then make adjustments from there.]




After nodding at Rasals words, Eulpecula grinned.



[Rather, dont touch all those stuff in that area.

There are some rare materials that I…… Unnn]



After finishing the preparations for the experiment she had at the moment, Rasal turns around to warn Eulpecula…… but Eulpecula had already been gone for some time, and in front of the shelf where she heard Eulpeculas voice a moment ago, there was a wooden box.



[……What in the world is that ill-natured fox planning now……]



Seeing the wooden box that was obviously out of place, Rasal, expecting it to be a prank played by Eulpecula, stood up and carefully observed the wooden box.



[……Its the type of technique that is triggered when opened, but if its just this, it would be easy to disarm it…… Well, theres no way she would pull off such a simple trick though.]



Rasal recognizes Eulpeculas intellect…… her cunning.

The fact that Eulpecula has been playing tricks on the ever-vigilant Rasal on a regular basis and succeeding is also a sign that shes quite crafty and clever.

At the very least, she deems that it couldnt just be a simple trick of opening the box and triggering the trap.



[……As I thought, the key to deactivating the trap is well-concealed and well-designed technique.

Its a two-tiered setup, and its quite impressive that she managed to do this in such a short period of time…… is what I would have said but……]



After muttering to herself, Rasal turned her gaze not to the wooden box…… but to the floor beneath the shelf on which the wooden box was placed, and put on a more serious expression on her face than before.



[Theres a trap over there.

I know there would be.

If its Eulpecula, knowing that I would be able to see right through her trap, she would definitely take a three-step plan…… Good grief, how astonishingly scrupulous.]



Muttering to herself, Rasal deactivated a complicated magic formula that seemed to be the main trap, which had been set up at her feet.

Immediately after that, a bottle flew in out of nowhere and struck the hoodie she was wearing…… In other words, Rasals head, scattering its liquid contents on her.



[……I see, well played…… A four-stage setup, where the last trap is when the techniques placed in the wooden box arent eliminated and only the technique underneath the box is deactivated…… Moreover, to make sure I wouldnt notice and avoid it, she even carefully placed Recognition Inhibition Magic on the bottle…… and the contents is, hohouu, that prototype bleaching agent we were talking about earlier huh…… Kuha, kukakaka!]



Rasal, a hand on her face, laughed out loud with amusement.

After a hearty laugh, she grabbed the huge coffin that was propped up against the wall and ran out of the room.






And that day, in Isis castle, there was the scene of Eulpecula being chased around by “Rasal wearing a white robe”.








After a long chase, Rasal returned to her room with a tired look on her face, took off her bleached robe and threw it into a trash can.

Considering the effects of the material and other factors for her research, the robe that Rasal wears during her research is not a robe made of magic, but a special robe made of a material that blocks magic power.



[Good grief…… Well, that research robe was getting old, and I was going to get a new one soon, so I guess it doesnt matter…… Even so, because of that ill-natured foxs uselessly high abilities, its getting hard to keep up with her.]



Rasal, who had thrown away her robe and sat down on a chair looking tired, suddenly stood up as if she remembered something and approached the wooden box in front of the shelf.



[……Speaking of which, in the end, what is with this wooden box Is it just a false trap]



Muttering this, she deactivated the magic techniques around the wooden box and opened it…… She found a “brand-new robe” inside.



[……Good grief, she really is an ill-natured fellow.]



After astoundedly saying this…… with a somewhat gentle smile on her lips, Rasal moved her hand into the sleeve of her brand-new robe.


















: [Let me explain.

“Pleiaaadesuuuuuu~~☆” is an Easy-Going, Slice of Life Comedy about Isis-san and the members of the Pleiades!]

Serious-senpai : [Wha! The heck are you on to now!]


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