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Dana stood behind the large room that once was filled with life, everything looked dead and abandoned, everywhere was dark except for the dim bulbs that went on and off where she stood and the front where the light of the projector brought to sight the silhouette of a man. Dana knew that was her blackmailer, she couldn see his face as he sat in the shadows. Her lips opened up to ask why exactly he was doing this and who he was but his voice broke her off.

"Your footsteps still haven changed. I can still tell its you from just listening to them."

Dana froze on hearing the words and most especially the voice, a voice she could never forget even if she wanted to, one she have been dying to hear everyday for the past 7years, her eyes blinked nervously trying to ascertain if she was only hearing this but the silhouette of the man sitting in the front rows of the old dusty cinema was still in sight.

"Remember this movie? Remember the day we snuck out of school so we could catch the premiere. "Dangsin-e but-eo" in English "Stuck on you". We sat right here" the man said, his face expressionless as he pointed at the second to last row of seats referring to the movie that played on the projector.

"You cried on my shoulders that night, I saw your eyes and I cried too not because of the movie, but because my Caihong cried. But it doesn seem like you remember a thing, youve moved on and left those you scarred in pieces while you live your life like nothing ever happened."

"Haneul??!!" Dana stuttered, her lips quivering as she tried to keep breathing from the shock and alter confusion she was feeling.

Without waiting for a terrified looking Dana to say anything further he continued speaking as he slowly made his way to where she stood, his face slowly illuminated by the lights at the back where Dana stood.

Dana didn want to believe it...it just couldn be real. She shut her eyes tightly wishing that when she opened them up the footsteps slowly making its way to her would just be her hallucinations and it did come to a halt but not his words.

"Surprised you even remember my name, but do you remember this!!??" Haneul yelled, his eyes bloodshot as he pointed at the projector.

"Why are you closing your eyes?! Open your eyes and look at the members youve forgotten so easily but they keep haunting me every single day!!!" Haneul yelled, by now he was bending in front of Dana who had fallen to the ground and buried her face in between her legs. He held her arms and shook her but her eyes were still sealed.

"Stop it! Stop it!! Pleaseeee just sto...p itttt..." Dana cried out.

tears streamed down her eyes profusely as she used her hands to cover her ears, her eyes still shut.

"What should I stop huh? I should stop reminding you the memories you and I and everyone that ever so much as cared for a demon like you ever made? No I won . So open your damn eyes!" Haneul said this time so calmly one wouldn guess he had been the open yelling two minutes ago. Swiftly he let go of her and stood beside her, watching as she cried her eyes out, her lids slowly opening.

The pictures on the projector kept going back and forth never ending each popping a new memory into her head. A picture of she and her classmates in middle school, a picture of she and Haneul in a cafe, a picture of she, Haneul and a little girl bigger than she and Haneul girl standing behind a mountain all of them dressed in their winter clothes, another picture of she, Haneul and Madam Su, the leader of the Sisterhood, it was the same picture she had at home, the only picture she had but it seemed Haneul had kept every single picture they ever took and even prepared a slideshow to torment her.

Weakly she helps herself to her feet and wipes her face, for the first time she gets a clear look of Haneul under the dim lights. His half Italian genes had worked their way to his jawline, hair and eyes which were as blue as ever but something about them felt darker and empty his jet black hair falling lazily over his eyes and framing the little nerdy glasses he wore which looked more like they were just accessories to go with his classy suit than actual reading glasses. Unlike her he had grown so well into a perfectly athletic body, his once very white skin seemed to have received a bit of tan, two diamond earrings reflected the light, the only thing that visibly hadn changed about him was his beardless jawline which on its own looked like it had had a very skilled artist sculpture and chisel it. The Haneul who never loved dressing fancy the way rich kids he was even wealthier than had changed, his outfit and accessories screamed Stinking Rich!!

Dana stared endlessly at him, trying to fill her mind with thoughts about his looks ignoring the storm raging inside her and the weakling in her legs that threatened to send her back to the ground. All she wanted to do was hug him, her heart wanted it so much but fear sunk her to the hard dusty floor she stood. As much as she didn want to believe it, her Haneul had changed, he had been replaced by someone else someone that looked allot like his father, those fierce eyes that had painfully glared at her as he fought to survive on the night that changed the cause of her already doomed fate were now Haneuls, the dead look of a championship winning boxer the one Haneul had hated whenever he saw his father had now possessed him and that wasn her Haneul who was once filled with so much life.

Haneul turned his eyes to the screen again, a set of new pictures came up. Pictures of she and Gu Xixi, pictures of her working in the restaurant she had quit her job at then pictures of she and Linx and Bingwen (Minde) the same pictures he had sent to her and a new endless set taken from different angles.

"You seem so happy, its like you have forgotten how much of a Jinx you are, too bad this people don know the real you, the murderer in you." Haneul spat out the words his voice trailed with anger, hate and if Dana wasn mistaken remorse but that wasn possible, he hated her but as much as this words broke her they where the truth, she had only ever brought darkness and pain into everyones life that had cared for her. Tears formed on the bridge of her eyes ready to fall but she hardened her heart determined to not let herself break in front of him so she could leave as soon as possible.

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