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The Nerve of That Mortal (1)

Ji Qingzhou was petite and light, and when she took off the heavy outer robe she was wearing, she merged with the wind, embodying a flying bird in the sky.

Her magic power was indeed low, and the air current she could control was minimal, but it was such light wind that lifted her to the sky.

The wind swept her thin skirt up, akin to a fluttering feather in the wind, flying lightly forward.

Ji Qingzhuo’s eyes remained tight.

Before taking the leap, she had long calculated the location of the three beacons.

The wind that whooshed past her ears detailed the location to her, guiding her to the location of the beacons.

Since her cultivation base was low and her magic power was low, she must move lightning fast.

Before her magic power that could hardly be regarded as magic power was exhausted, she had to retrieve the three beacons.

At this time, there was no fog on the white stone cliffs.

The sky was clear, and Ji Qingzhuo seemed to be a small fish wading through it.

Her movements coudn’t be described as entirely graceful, but could only be labeled as precise and neat.

The track of her riding against the wind and cutting the rhythm of the wind bore semblance to cutting a strictly set line with a thin and long pair of scissors.

This could hardly be regarded as an art.

 Ye Duanhong’s frown slowly stretched as he stood atop the white stone cliffs.

Even though he disliked Ji Qingzhuo, he was also fascinated by her simple and straightforward way of using magic.

There was no end to cultivation, but you could cultivate to reach the ultimate attainment.

Take for example those powerhouses with super high cultivation in Yunze Region; they were supremely skilled, but still used even the simplest little magic until they could handle every detail flawlessly.

Unexpectedly, this mortal who has just come into contact with cultivation has reached such a state.

Ji Qingzhuo didn’t care what others thought.

She recalled the location of the beacons in her memory and wrapped her sleeves around them.

She turned her wrists slightly, took off the white birds made of paper, and put them in her palm.

Her movements might have appeared relaxed when she was collecting the beacons in the center of the cliff, like enfolding a flower into her arms, but only she knew that her magic power had almost bottomed out.

The tiny stream of air beneath her feet spun, carrying her figure around.

Her skirt rose, and she spun around above the cliff and flew backwards.

All the disciples on the cliff were stunned because they knew how fast Ji Qingzhuo was.

When Ji Qingzhou stepped onto the white stone cliff again, only an inch of the three-inch incense was burned in front of Ye Duanhong.

In fact, the difficulty of collecting the beacons was that these disciples only ‘learned’ the Air Control Technique.

They couldn’t perfectly control the intensity of the air current they lifted.

The beacons were also white birds made of paper, so any excessive air current could cause the wind to blow and sweep the white birds away, making the test more difficult.

But Ji Qingzhou was different.

She could produce little magic power, so the air current was not enough to blow the beacons away.

She handed the three intact beacons to Ye Duanhong.

Her fingers were vainly gathered around the fragile paper birds, so the beacons were not damaged or crumpled.

Her palms, on the other hand, were sweat-soaked due to excessive tension, so the beacons were smeared with a dash of sweat.

The beacons that other disciples handed over to Ye Duanhong before were damaged.

If not, they were wrinkled.

Hence, what Ji Qingzhuo brought up this time was really quite eye-catching.

Ji Qingzhuo didn’t even dare to look back at the height of the cliff.

She picked up the robe she had put on the side of the tree, put it back on her body, and tied the drawstring tightly.

She was actually a little unsteady on her feet because she still hasn’t recovered the magic power she had consumed.

She leaned against a tree and gasped for breath gently.

Anyone with a discerning eye could see that she completed the test with difficulty, but so what She did complete the task perfectly according to the criteria.

When the incense stick burned only an inch and Ji Qingzhuo came up, Qiu Mingxue couldn’t stand it any longer.

Her eyes followed Ji Qingzhuo non-stop and stared at her.

Damn it, she’s really abhorrent.

It was obviously clear that she should have been the fastest.

Ji Qingzhuo didn’t fully grasp the Air Control Technique at all.

She just coped with the test in accordance with the current criteria but couldn’t practice it at all.


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