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Do You Have Any Favorable Value (2)

“I don’t know what immortal bones are,” Ji Qingzhou answered honestly.

“Even ordinary mortals have some sensitivity to heaven and earth’s spirit qi, but you seemed totally oblivious to it.

In Mount Jian Lake, because of this, you couldn’t perceive its effect on body cleansing at all.

It’s just ordinary water to you, but once you can perceive a little bit, the water of Mount Jian Lake will work.” Yu Sukong seriously examined Ji Qingzhou this time, and finally came to understand why she was unaffected by the illusion in Peach Blossom Mist and the water in Mount Jian Lake.

There was nothing particularly special about her.

She was an out-and-out ordinary person, but this world was full of spirit qi.

Even for a mortal, she had none of it which made her physique unique.

“En.” Ji Qingzhou had also wondered about these things.

After all, she was not at all a person of the immortal cultivation world.

Her physique was different and pretty normal.

“Even if you are an ordinary person, since I have accepted you as an apprentice, I will take responsibility.” Yu Sukong was not exactly the type who raised disciples.

“How about this Learn the cultivation courses within Xuanyun Sect first, and I’ll see what training you’re suitable for.

After all, after three years of learning the basics, there’s still the midcourse sect’s assessment.” Yu Sukong rubbed his chin and began to help her plan her courses in the sect.

“Unfortunately, I can’t go back to Xuanyun Sect for now.

I can’t get away from refining magic weapon over here.”

“That’s okay, Master Yu.” Ji Qingzhou was also embarrassed to trouble him too much.

“After all, I’ve accepted you as my disciple.” Yu Sukong smiled again, waves of light seemingly swirling in his azure eyes.

He seemed to be this gentle and cheerful all the time.

“It is late.

You are a mortal, so go to sleep first.” Yu Sukong said to Ji Qingzhou, “I will arrange your lessons in Xuanyun Sect tomorrow and transmit them to you through the water mirror.

If you need something, activate the array inside the small pavilion and you can communicate with me.”

“Okay, Master Yu.” Ji Qingzhou nodded.

“If you have any problems, you can go and find Rongyu.

He is very reliable and also eager to help people,” Yu Sukong instructed.

“But you guys live so far away.”

Ji Qingzhou thought inwardly, ‘Shen Rongyu is reliable and zealous He seems to have a good reputation in Xuanyun Sect despite being a villain according to System.

She thought that he was a bit wicked.

“En,” she replied again.

Yu Sukong looked at her and smiled.

“Why are you like a piece of wood”

Ji Qingzhou was a little frightened.

She was responding to Yu Sukong seriously, but she was worried that he thought she was being perfunctory.

What else could she do She could only apologize, “I’m sorry, Master Yu.”

Yu Sukong rubbed his chin, pondered for a while, and confirmed that he had nothing else to explain, so he sent Ji Qingzhou to bed.

The water mirror disappeared into the array, and the courtyard fell into silence again.

Even Maomao obediently lay down in the corner of the courtyard to rest.

“Can I cultivate” Ji Qingzhou asked the system.

“I think you may not be capable of it, but you’d better work hard, because you have to catch up with Shen Rongyu’s pace.

If you fall behind, you won’t see each other even once a year.” The system reminded Ji Qingzhou, “Host, your Master is very good, so you’d better do as he says.”

“Okay.” Ji Qingtou thought.

Anyway, she could take things  easy.

She could muddle through.

She went to her bedroom, changed her beddings, and climbed into bed.

She wrapped herself in the soft quilt, rolled to the corner of the bed, curled up and fell asleep.

The token that bore the system, a small mirror, was still worn by her, and it flashed brightly in the silvery glow of the moon that leaked in through the window.

The next day, after Ji Qingzhou got up early and finished washing up.

She saw that there was a water mirror in the small pavilion in the courtyard, but Yu Sukong was not in it.

He had left a series of messages.

Ji Qingzhou approached it and read it carefully.

The long series of words in front of her covered all the points that she needed to pay attention to in her daily life on White Water Island.

Yu Sukong also mentioned that she could go to Elder Qiao Shu for a meal, just from Baishui Island to the shore.

However, he said that she would have to wait a few days for him to refine a self-propelled magic treasure for her to use.

The rest was the cultivation plan he made for her within Xuanyun Sect.

Last night, Ji Qingzhou concluded that Yu Sukong was a good person and amiable, but today, looking at her full class schedule, she almost fainted.

“I-Is this a human class” Ji Qingzhou asked the system with a trembling voice, looking at her class schedule.

“I don’t know, but on a cursory glance, it doesn’t seem to be humane,” the system commented.

Shen Rongyu, ah, Shen Rongyu! Ji Qingzhou lamented deep inside.

She had to suffer too much just to capture him.

She searched for a paper and pen and copied her schedule in the courtyard, many of which she had never been to in class, and would have to figure out when the time came.

Including the other things that Yu Sukong had instructed, she noted them down.

Ji Qingzhou didn’t get enough sleep, and yawned while copying, until there was a knock on the door outside her courtyard.

There were only two people on White Water Island.

Who else could it be other than Shen Rongyu


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