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He Has an Extra Xiao-shimei1 (2)

Ji Qingzhou was sitting on a spot facing the outside of the house.

She had a view of the bamboo corridor and the serene lake outside the house, which was quite picturesque.

“The flowers I raised are going to bloom tonight.” Qiao Shu was actually an old man who liked to chatter, and now that Shen Rongyu was here, he couldn’t help but speak more.

“What kind of flowers” Shen Rongyu knew that Qiao Shu had different varieties of flowers planted there.

“It’s a short-lived flower.

Rongyu, don’t you like this flower the most” Qiao Shu smiled, and then he led Shen Rongyu to the open cloister under the moon.

“I don’t,” Shen Rongyu denied.

Qiao Shu was not annoyed and only smiled happily.

He then stared at the blossom bud under the moon with an expectant gaze.

This flower would bloom for only a moment beneath the moonlight, and then close in shyness.

Ji Qingzhou was actually ravenous, and the breath she had been sucking in earlier only slackened when she saw the food.

In an instant, her cheeks were bulged to the brim.

She looked up and saw that under the moon, there was a pale broad-leafed Queen of the Night blooming quietly.

Its petals were gradually spreading, as if shimmering in a cage, brighter than the moonlight.

Shen Rongyu said he wasn’t interested in it, but in fact, he was looking at it from a certain angle.

“I noticed how you liked it before, so why don’t you bring a bunch to White Water Island to raise”

“It’s too delicate and difficult to take care of.” Shen Rongyu was telling the truth.

“Isn’t it harder to take care of an additional Xiao-shimei in White Water Island” Qiao Shu quipped.

Shen Rongyu raised an eyebrow.

He didn’t look at Ji Qingzhou, but Ji Qingzhou, who was slurping and drinking porridge, immediately lowered her head when she heard these words.

She probably got scalded by the hot porridge.

“No place is as quiet as White Water Island,” Shen Rongyu said.

“Aiya, aiya.” Qiao Shu sighed.

When Ji Qingzhou left, she brought Maomao grass and carrots, big bags of them, which she hugged in her arms.

“Bring more food for your old donkey.

I raised them out of curiosity before.

They’re probably edible,” Qiao Shu explained to Ji Qingzhou.

Ji Qingzhou was somewhat moved, and couldn’t stop nodding to Qiao Shu.

She stepped back on Shen Rongyu’s flying sword once more.

The sword was white and flawless, and she couldn’t bear stepping on it.

Ji Qingzhou was actually a little curious if Shen Rongyu’s sword had a name.

After all, her donkey had a name, but she never dared to ask.

hen Rongyu noticed her cautious toes when she stepped on the flying sword, as if she was afraid that she might stain it.

This sword was not as clean and dust-free as it appeared on the surface.

What was more, every time he killed, the sword would drink blood, making it even more snow-white.

“It’s called Burial Snow.” Shen Rongyu informed Ji Qingzhou of the sword’s name.

“Burial Snow, what an apt name,” Ji Qingzhou commented.

She felt the irregularity of the given name.

If it were her, she probably would have named it something like Little Snow.

Burial Snow took them up into the air.

Now that Ji Qingzhou had a big bag of carrots and grass in her arms to keep her balance, Shen Rongyu didn’t have to protect her.

The two fell into an awkward silence again.

Until Shen Rongyu spoke up and called Ji Qingzhou, “Ji Qingzhou.”

“Mm” Ji Qingtuo quickly responded to him.

“Don’t you think this name is awkward” Shen Rongyu asked.

He was naturally not used to calling Ji Qingzhou.

Calling out to her was, to be honest, a bit awkward.

Beating around the bush didn’t work because Ji Qingzhou replied, “I don’t think so.”


His silence lasted a while longer.

He thought that even the most difficult flower to raise under Elder Qiao Shu would not be as lifeless as Ji Qingzhou.

“You call me Xiao Yu-shixiong.” He said, “If I call you Ji Qingzhou, won’t I be at a loss”

“Xiao Yu-shixiong, you only need to say three syllables, but I have to say four, so it’s not a loss,” Ji Qingzhou answered.

Shen Rongyu lowered his head slightly.

His long eyelashes drooped, and his eyes fell on Ji Qingzhou’s head, where her hair was ruffled by the breeze on the water surface.

She always seemed to be like this, reacting little to external stimuli.

Shen Rongyu pondered for a moment.

He wasn’t a good person, and naturally he had some evil tendencies.

So, after a moment of silence, his low voice rang out like a flowing spring.

“Zhouzhou,” he called.

He thought to himself.

This time, Ji Qingzhou should be surprised or shy as before.

But Ji Qingzhou didn’t realize that he was calling her.

She rested her chin on top of the carrot bag, looked at the approaching White Water Island, and didn’t answer him.

“I’m calling you.” Shen Rongyu was completely defeated.

“Ah… Me” Ji Qingzhou slightly tilted her head.

Caught by surprise, she looked at Shen Rongyu squarely.

Once Shen Rongyu caught her gaze, he refused to let her look away.

His eyes bored into hers.

His eyes under those beautiful long eyelashes were deep, redolent of cold jades on the glacier.

“Zhouzhou” Ji Qingzhou repeated.

After her heart skipped eighty-three beats, she responded with the tips of her slender eyebrows arched.

Under Shen Rongyu’s jet-black pupils, her cheeks gradually reddened until they reached the roots of her ears.


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