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Falling Headlong Into His Arms (2)

Ji Qingzhou planned to take out some dry food to eat after Shen Rongyu left.

But soon, Shen Rongyu's calm voice rang out behind her, "You're hungry."

Ji Qingzhou's hands froze as she organized her things, trying to suck her stomach tight so it wouldn't grumble.

"A little bit I think, but it's okay," Ji Qingzhou replied.

She felt that her strategy of sucking her stomach was working because it didn't seem to be grumbling anymore.

But as soon as she said that, her stomach gave another 'grrrr', as if expressing disapproval.

"There is nothing to eat on White Water Island." Shen Rongyu leaned aside with his sword in his arms and raised his eyes, observing Ji Qingzhou.

"I'll make some food by myself later." Ji Qingzhou took out the bamboo tube with rice in her luggage.

As a result, the tube slipped out of her hand due to her nervousness.

The bamboo tube filled with rice directly overturned and fell into the water.

The falling rice grains caused the fish in the water to swim over to grab food.

…Does such a stupid person actually exist

This was the last of Ji Qingzhou's dry food.

She looked down at the rice scattered in the water, feeling a little melancholic.

Once Shen Rongyu left, she would begrudgingly fish it up again and eat it.

But Shen Rongyu didn't leave.

He was waiting for Ji Qingzhou to ask him where to eat.

Since he wasn't speaking, Ji Qingzhou also didn't take the initiative to talk.

By the time the afterglow of the setting sun was about to disappear, Ji Qingzhou was ravenous, so she rolled up her sleeves.

She didn’t care if it was shameful.

Even if Shen Rongyu didn't leave, she would have to find a way to get the rice to eat.

She was about to dip her arms, when Shen Rongyu caught her hand.

"Elder Duan Qin's immortal abode by the White Water Lake has food that is reserved for mortals," Shen Rongyu said.

In Xuanyun Sect, there were elders who prepared food in their immortal abodes at regular intervals.

After all, disciples whose cultivation has not yet reached the Golden Core still needed to eat.

Shen Rongyu didn't need to, because he cultivated his Golden Core shortly after his entrance.

"Okay Xiao Yu-shixiong, I'll head over there." Ji Qingzhou nodded towards him gratefully.

But she had forgotten one important thing.

From the White Water Island to the shore, there was no means of transportation.

She walked in front, while Shen Rongyu followed her until she came to the shore of the island and discovered the fact that there was no transportation.

In the end, she was still a mortal.

She had not yet adapted to the life of a cultivator.

Twilight had fallen.

Shen Ronguu's sword pinned to his side flashed with a snow cold glint.

It looked particularly dazzling in the dark woods.

Ji Qingzhou stood on the shore, looked at the moon reflected on the lake, and sighed.

What kind of days would she be spending

Shen Rongyu had more or less guessed a bit of Ji Qingzhou's psychology.

Her mind wasn't difficult to guess.

He knew that she would either wait here until dawn or run back and fish the rice scattered in the stream.

He guessed right.

Ji Qingzhou was planning to do just that.

She actually wanted to do it a long time ago, but Shen Rongyu had been watching her all the time, making it inconvenient for her to do such a shameful thing.

Not to mention, she was also embarrassed.

"Let's go," Shen Rongyu's voice sounded after a long time.

He stepped forward and walked to Ji Qingzhou's side.

"Ah" Ji Qingzhou turned her head.

Her eyes moved slightly upwards, just at the level of Shen Rongyu's little Adam's apple above his neatly pressed shirt.

He was immaculate, and there were hardly any creases on his clothes.

Rather, he was not so much a person as he was a meticulously played image, like a puppet manipulated by himself.

"I'll take you to dinner," Shen Rongyu said.

"I eat three times a day," Ji Qingzhou said.

Shen Rongyu thought to himself, ‘Does a normal person eat four times a day’

"In the evening, there are times when I may have to eat again," Ji Qingzhou informed him honestly.

"Midnight snacks."

"I will lead you there," Shen Rongyu said lightly again.

He wanted to see if this piece of rotten wood, Ji Qingzhou, could come to life.

Ji Qingtuo nodded.

Shen Rongyu held her wrist again, with the invisible air current flowing once more.

They flew up to the sky.

Ji Qingzhou still wanted to cover her eyes, but Shen Rongyu stopped her hand: "Since you want to cultivate immortality and shuttle between heaven and earth, why should you fear heights"

Ji Qingzhou blinked.

She didn't want to cultivate immortality, and she was only afraid of heights.

She sulked and didn't say anything.

If it wasn't for Shen Rongyu, she wouldn't have come here.

"Are you not going to talk," Shen Rongyu spoke again.

This was probably the day he spoke the most.

Because Ji Qingzhou was more boring than him, he almost had to say three or five sentences to induce her to talk.

"I..." Ji Qingzhou didn't dare to look down, because the bright moon was in the sky, illuminating the entire Xuanyun Sect brightly, and she could see at a glance how high in the sky she was.

Her limbs were shaking, and she resorted to closing her eyes tightly.

The wind was blowing in her face, with a little soothing coolness.

Shen Rongyu wasn't a good man indeed.

Under his palm, he felt Ji Qingzhou's trembling and finally sensed her fear.

He loosened his grip on her hand, and Ji Qingzhou lost her balance for a moment.

She was extremely frightened.

This was scarier than standing on the top floor and looking down, because they were riding on a flying sword which was thin under their feet.

Another gust of wind blew, and Ji Qingzhou's figure wobbled.

She toppled over and fell headlong into Shen Rongyu's arms.

In the wind, her hair brushed across Shen Rongyu's face.

He looked at the moon in the distance and was stunned for a moment.


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