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She Was Here to Pick Up Trash (2)

On top of the cliff  were noble princesses sitting under the elevated imperial canopy, surrounded in the front and back, as well as warriors with swords clanging on their waists, and mysterious foreigners with white masks covering their faces.

Everyone was glittering in splendor and radiated boundless enthusiasm, as if they were glowing from head to toe.

Ji Qingzhou stuffed the cooking utensils, tents, clothes and other things she used all the way into a large sack, unloaded the cart from the donkey, led the donkey in one hand and the sack in the other, and walked up the blue stone steps.

She felt that she might not have come to participate in some immortal ascension conference but to pick up rubbish.

In a journey through the wind and open air, the road was windy, and the mountain path was dusty.

Thus, Ji Qingzhou’s face was rather grubby.

Her hood was lowered and covered most of her face.

Only a pair of half drooping eyes were exposed under the brim of her hat, very bright, like stars in the dark.

Ji Qingzhou avoided the crowd, and sat aside as if nothing was unusual.

Not far in front of her was a bottomless abyss, and there seemed to be a screeching wind rushing up the cliff, as if weeping and howling.

She began to nibble the rest of the carrot.

When she walked there later, she wouldn’t have the chance to eat it if she fell off that cliff.

At this time, a subtle snort sounded in the distance.

A beautiful woman sitting under the canopy took a glimpse of Ji Qingzhou and scoffed, “This is Xuanyun Sect’s Immortal Ascension Conference and it requires people with roots and qualifications to cultivate immortality.

Why did a roadside beggar think of coming here”

Ji Qingzhou guessed that she was talking about her.

Before she transmigrated, she had had a decent job, five insurances and one real estate fund.

She could even loaf on her job at work.

But because of the damned system, and the damned Shen Rongyu, she was reduced to this situation.

However, she was too dumb to argue and just kept her head down, continuing to feed on donkey carrots.

“Yo, still a mute” The woman looked at Ji Qingzhou and smirked.

She was Qiu Mingxue, the princess of a small country in the Yunze Region.

When she came to seek immortality, she brought a number of servants along.

She disliked Ji Qingzhou for being an eyesore, because she found it hard to accept that someone as downtrodden as her could come to the Xuanyun Sect and stand on the same starting line as her.

“I’m not dumb.” Ji Qingzhou finally spoke willingly.

She slowly raised her head and said, “I’m a mortal, therefore I couldn’t come to the Immortal Ascension Conference with my own strength alone.

It’s this donkey that brought me here.”

She had no intention to mock anyone.

She mainly intended to praise the donkey for being reliable, but these words poked a sore spot in Qiu Mingxue.

It was because she did not come to Xuanyun Sect by her own strength, rather, she relied on her family’s influence.

Furthermore, she spent a fortune to buy a flight charm just so she could fly over the cliff.

“Do you mean I’m worse than a donkey” Qiu Mingxue exclaimed loudly, “Do you know who I am”

“Can you even ride a donkey” Ji Qingzhou replied seriously, “Miss, I don’t even know who you are.”

“Are you insulting me!” Qiu Mingxue’s willow eyebrows rose as she snapped.

Ji Qingzhou folded her hands into her sleeves, somewhat at a loss for words.

She did not mean to insult Qiu Mingxue, but she was really poor at communication and had little emotional intelligence.

She bowed her head and said, “I’m sorry, Miss.

I didn’t mean to sound offensive.

I just meant that donkeys can be ridden, but you can’t.”

“Is that so” Qiu Mingxue has never heard such vulgar words.

Those who were present weren’t ordinary people.

They have encountered great upheavals and changes, but some couldn’t resist bursting into laughter while listening to their conversation.

The grubby-faced little girl looked stupid and had a soft voice, but every word she uttered could irritate her opponent.

It could be said that her voice was simple and soft, pleasant to hear, akin to soft silk tickling the tips of your ears.

Her tone was nothing but lazy, unhurried and fine.

“It’s like this, Miss.

You really wouldn’t want to compare with my donkey.

I only bought it for two silver coins.

Looking at the gold and silver you’re wearing, your status must be noble, so don’t lower yourself like this.” Ji Qingzhou was really anxious.

She tilted her head up and finally felt inclined to show her face in front of Qiu Mingxue.

Ji Qingzhou had a comely appearance — This was the only point that pleased the system.

The contours of her face were exquisite, like the most flawless divine artwork.

Her eyes were clear and pure black, shimmering with light.

When she lowered her eyes a bit, she always exuded an endearing appearance.

At this moment, she was facing Qiu Mingxue, with a pair of beautiful misty eyes shining on her dirty face.

Qiu Mingxue was momentarily stunned.

She didn’t expect the dirty Ji Qingzhou to have such beautiful eyes.

Her eyes were so captivating, like the shoal ocean under the sun, clear and bright.

Looking deeply into them, they seemed magical, luring people in.

During the stalemate, a rustling wind whistled from behind, and a sword light, as clear as snow, appeared on the cliff in the distance.

A young man in white also came with a sword.

The sword wind swept across soft white clouds, which resembled low waves, under his feets.

He trod on the wave-like clouds, giving life to an immortal drifting down a cliff.

The gust of wind he inadvertently swept overturned the canopy brought by Qiu Mingxue’s attendants, and even Qiu Mingxue, who was standing on the cliff, stumbled.

“Congratulations, Host, the target of your guidance, Shen Rongyu has appeared,” the system informed Ji Qingzhou.

Ji Qingzhou held the small mirror in her arms.

She was quite good at loafing.

If the system did not ask her to move, she would not budge an inch.

She was rather poor at communicating with people.

She was afraid of being rejected by the target of her guidance for saying the wrong words and doing the wrong thing.

The sect master would assign some tasks to Shen Rongyu, as a respected grand shixiong in Xuanyun Sect, whenever there were major events in the sect.

For example, today’s Immortal Ascension Conference.

The capable immortality seekers had relied on their own strength to fly over the cliff and reach the Yunshui Peak, while the next level of immortality seekers stayed on the cliff waiting for the Xuanyun Sect to send someone to guide them.

Shen Rongyu was tasked with guiding newcomers.

Everyone’s eyes were focused on Shen Rongyu.

The short Ji Qingzhou, however, couldn’t see what he looked like at all, standing behind the crowd.

‘If he’s too ugly, I’d rather not capture him,’ Ji Qingzhou thought inwardly.

In front of the crowd, Shen Rongyu narrowed his eyes, and a walnut sized cloud boat appeared between his broad sleeves.

He proceeded to push it with his power.

The cloud boat rose in the wind and turned into a five-feet long large boat.

The immortality seekers who were waiting in place boarded it in turn.

Ji Qingzhou couldn’t bear to give up her old donkey, so she patted its head.

She and her donkey fell behind and followed.

At this time, Shen Rongyu was still standing on the cliff.

After the crowd dispersed, Ji Qingzhou looked at him.

She finally saw what he looked like.


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