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Who Could Accept Her (2)

The White Jade Square rose into the sky and left Yunshui Peak.

It was not until it slowly rose that Ji Qingzhou could see the whole picture of Yunshui Peak.

This was the most hazy and beautiful peak in the entire Xuanyun Sect.

Mist surrounded the mountain, and peach blossoms were planted on the top of it, hidden in the mist.

The scene was picturesque and mysterious.

The flying White Jade Square led them to the main hall of the sect, rose up the lofty steps and entered the hall.

These immortality seekers were a little surprised to see the huge water mirror placed in the hall.

It turned out that their previous movements all fell into the eyes of these elders.

By this time, the elders in the hall had finally contacted the Xuanyun Sect Master.

Those who came here to watch the conference were all elders who were interested in accepting apprentices afterwards.

The Sect Master had no intention of accepting apprentices, so he did not attend.

Ji Qingzhou’s appearance was unforeseen, so Jiang Qianke and the others had to contact the Sect Master to decide.

Their conversation with the Sect Master was not meant to be hidden from these immortality seekers.

At the end of the day, they must provide an explanation to everyone present regarding this incident.

Even then, Ji Qingzhou was still unaware that they had contacted the Sect Master.

She was still sitting in the corner with her head down to sort out Maomao's messy coat.

She combed it smoothly patiently, little by little.

A small water mirror appeared in front of everyone.

Yin Muchen, the Xuanyun Sect Master, was in the middle of an island, playing a game with someone.

"Sect Master...

Elder Yu, you are also here." The person sitting opposite Yin Muchen was another elder in Xuanyun Sect, Yu Sukong.

Yu Sukong was one of the most aloof elders in the sect.

No one had ever seen him take on a disciple, but this person's cultivation was frighteningly high.

Rumors said that it was no lower than the Sect Master’s.

"What's the matter" Yin Muchen nodded slightly.

He had the temperament of an immortal cultivator.

He appeared beautiful, and there was a hint of majesty in his eyes.

"We have a mortal who has passed the Immortality Seeking Conference," Jiang Qianke reported helplessly.

Yin Muchen smiled at his words.

"Weren’t they stopped by the water of Mount Jian Lake"

"The water of Mount Jian Lake couldn't harm her." This was also what puzzled Jiang Qianke the most.

"What about the peach blossom illusion that you are most proud of, Qianke" Yin Muchen asked again.

"She passed it too, but...

she couldn't see the illusory demonic beasts." Jiang Qianke sighed in dismay.

"How about the demonic beasts guarding the array" Yin Muchen remained patient.

"When someone was attacking the demonic beast, she took advantage of the chaos to run over." Jiang Qianke was really puzzled.

Any of these links could have killed Ji Qingzhou, but why was she unscathed

"Then she managed to pass.

What's the problem" Yin Muchen was still playing chess with Yu Sukong.

He held a piece between his fingers and placed it on the chessboard with some hesitation.

"I disagree." Ye Duanhong, who had a problem with Ji Qingzhou from the start, interjected.

"She clearly came here by luck.

Besides, there is no need for us to accept a mortal in the sect.

There’s no way she can learn the sect's dao!"

"When the Desolation Erosion once plagued the immortal cultivation world, how many cultivators' lives did our righteous sects sacrifice, and how much did we pay to seal it Even Rongyu's family, the Dongshan Imperial Clan, was wiped out.

Although the Desolation Erosion would never see the daylight now, we still can't be lax.

Immortal cultivation sects can't be so childish as to accept such a good-for-nothing." Ye Duanhong's hatred toward Ji Qingzhou naturally had reasons.

"Duanhong, watch your mouth.

Perfected Yuan Wu sealed the Desolation Erosion.

There will be no such evil thing in the Immortal Realm." Yin Muchen shook his head.

"However, Duanhong has a point.

A true mortal cannot resist the Mount Jian Lake water ─ you can't find a single one who did so from Xuanyun Sect." Yin Muchen, who was known as a water practitioner grand master, smiled at Jiang Qianke and said, "Well, Qianke, let me take a look at her."

Jiang Qianke moved the water mirror over and pointed it at Ji Qingzhou.

Ji Qingzhou jerked her head up and looked at Yin Muchen in the water mirror.

His eyes fell on her shoulders, and everyone's eyes gathered on her again.

"What a pretty girl." Yin Muchen's voice was soft and nice.

"And unmistakably, a mortal."

They were talking about a very bizarre incident, but Yu Sukong, who was playing against Yin Muchen, was still so engrossed in the chess game that he didn't even raise his head.

When the elders and immortality seekers looked at Ji Qingzhou, Meng Yaolan finally got a clear view of her appearance.

Her eyebrows raised slightly, and a flash of surprise flared in the depths of her eyes.

Ji Qingzhou dodged and wanted to hide behind the pillar, but Qiu Mingxue dragged him.

 "Why are you running away You came here by cheating and now you don't dare to admit it."

"Princess of Ze Kingdom, guard your tongue." Yin Muchen's chess piece fell on the chessboard.

He gave it a thought and made a decision, "All right, anyway, it should be time for you, elders, to choose disciples."

"If you are selected by the elders, you'll be a direct disciple.

If you have no fate, you'll be an ordinary disciple and wait for an opportunity after several years of training in the sect.

The treatment of direct disciples and ordinary disciples is naturally different." Yin Muchen held his cheek and came up with a perfect solution.

"If any of you elders feel that you can teach her, you can take her in.

If not, this girl can only be taken away from the Xuanyun Sect."

"Sorry, Miss.

There is really no way for you to learn the Dao of the Xuanyun Sect." Yin Muchen smiled helplessly at Ji Qingzhou.

"We still don't know why you came here.

Although the immortal path is tempting, it is  dangerous.

This is also for your safety."

Ji Qingzhou breathed a long sigh of relief.

She nodded and raised no objection.


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