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Chapter 277 Military Personnel, Wan Guliu

The audience in the live broadcast room began to discuss as they had never seen the five presidents so meek.

For a moment, the high and mighty image the five major clubs had in their hearts collapsed.

“This is the first time Ive seen the five presidents so timid.

What a rare sight!”

“Lu Yus strength is obvious to everyone, and even if these five clubs join forces, they wont be able to take him down!”

“It looks like they wont be able to stop the rise of the Featherwing Club.

The status of these five major clubs at Clanorth University will probably be greatly reduced.”

“If this deal is concluded, wouldnt it mean any club members from these five major clubs cannot enter the wild forest Doesnt this mean the other clubs also benefit from this arrangement”

“Thats right.

Its just that the members of these five clubs are banned, and those other clubs that arent restricted can still enter freely.”

“Thats great! We can finally find a safe secret realm and cultivate.”

“The Featherwing Club will definitely be the number one club at Clanorth University soon! Theres no doubt about it!”

The audience in the live broadcast room was excited as this live broadcast opened their eyes and allowed them to witness the changes in Clanorth Universitys power structure.

At that moment, the five presidents in front of Lu Yu had all finished making their phone calls.

“The members of our club will withdraw now.

In the future, we wont enter the wild forest anymore.”

Liu Ye said weakly.

He had completely lost his imposing manner from before and no longer dared remain haughty before Lu Yu.

If they continued their previous attitude, they would likely be unable to walk out of this place.

The wild forest was the territory of the Featherwing Club, after all.

“Okay, what about the other four” Lu Yu looked at the other four presidents.

They nodded one after another and said quickly, “We have already made the announcement and informed them.”

“Some people arent willing to move out, and we will teach them a good lesson.”

“Our people will leave by tonight, and you can take over the stronghold.

We wont care.”

Lu Yu nodded in gratification.

“I can see that you five can see the situation clearly.

Not bad.”

“Now, you can bring the five captains back.

Remember, everyone, including the five captains, isnt qualified to enter the wild forest from now on!”

Liu Ye nodded repeatedly.

“We wont enter this place.

We definitely wont…”

“Its useless even if you want to.

Ill contact the university and have them inform the mages at the array node to forbid you from entering!”

Hearing this, Liu Ye and the others nodded their heads helplessly.

If Lu Yu did that, then there would be no chance for them to re-enter this secret realm.

It would not be easy to reach this place without a dedicated teleportation node.

“Alright, you can go now.”

After Lu Yu said that, the five presidents untied the captain of their respective strongholds.

Then, they stood up and exited the place together.

However, at this moment, everyone heard a rumbling sound coming from the sky.

The people from the five major clubs stopped and looked up at the sky.

Lu Yu and Lin Kang also looked at the source of the sound in the sky.

They were shocked to find that a helicopter was flying in the sky!

“What… Whats going on How did a helicopter fly here” Lin Kang was surprised.

Lu Yu shook his head slightly.

“Im not sure whose helicopter it is either.”

Liu Ye and the others were stunned but also curious about who was in this helicopter.

Soon, the helicopter approached.

Their target was this manor.

A strong wind blew over, fluttering everyones hair and clothes in the wind.

The grass on the ground moved like a green ocean along with the strong gusts of wind.

Everyone looked up and was astonished to find this helicopter was not an ordinary helicopter, but a military helicopter!

For a moment, everyone couldnt help but exclaim in surprise.

“This… its actually someone from the military!” Zhao Ding and the rest were shocked.

They didnt expect the military to come over!

“What are they here for”

“Im not sure…”

“Do you guys think the people from the military may be here to punish Lu Yu After all, he made such a commotion, fighting everywhere and creating trouble!”

Liu Ye smiled faintly, “I think its possible.

This guy took away the militarys equipment, and its possible that the military is here to punish him!”

At that moment, all ten of them thought that the military was here to punish Lu Yu and teach him a lesson.

They didnt continue to walk forward.

Instead, they stopped and planned to observe.

If they could see Lu Yu being taken away for committing a crime, there was hope for them to continue staying in the wild forest.

The helicopters propeller was still spinning rapidly, guiding the helicopters body slowly to land on the ground.

At that moment, Yun Zirou and Su Qing heard the commotion and quickly ran to the front yard.

“What happened here Why is there a helicopter parked here”

Yun Zirou quickly ran to Lu Yus side and asked.

Su Qing looked up at the huge helicopter and exclaimed, “This helicopter is sure big.

It doesnt look like its for civilian use.”

Lu Yu nodded.

“This is a military helicopter.”

Yun Zirous eyes immediately widened.

“Whats going on Why is there a military helicopter here”

“Lu Yu, did you commit a crime”

Lu Yu rolled his eyes at Su Qing.

“How is that possible Even if I did something wrong in university, it wouldnt be the military questioning me.”

The scene of the helicopter landing was broadcast live.

When the audience saw what was happening, they discussed it excitedly.

“Whoa, this helicopter is from the military!”

“Damn, did they make such a big commotion to attract the military over”

“This is ridiculous.

Is Lu Yu so important that he can even alert the military”

“Theres going to be a good show to watch!”

“Could it be related to the five major clubs”

“Its hard to say…”

At that moment, the propeller gradually slowed until it finally stopped altogether.

The cabin door opened, and a muscular, uniformed man walked down with a solemn aura.

Soon, another figure walked down.

It was a muscular, middle-aged man.

He wore a long black windbreaker, black sunglasses, and black boots.

After he walked down, he took off his glasses and looked at Lu Yu.

“I am Wan Guliu, and you must be Lu Yu!”

His deep voice commanded such a presence that everyone stopped breathing for a moment.

When Lu Yu saw the person in front of him, he immediately recalled having met him once during the college entrance examination.

He used his iron fist strength to rewrite the college entrance examination requirements at that time!

“Yes, I am Lu Yu!”

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