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Chapter 273 Taking Over The Stronghold Of The Battle Pets Club

Lu Yu came to the Battle Pets Clubs villa and sat on the living room sofa.

Although it was midnight, Lu Yu did not feel sleepy.

The previous battles had tired him, but he was still thinking about the matters of the five major clubs and couldnt sleep.

If the five clubs banded together to attack Lu Yu, he could find the university higher-ups to solve that.

After all, Lu Yu was the dark horse that the university had focused on.

The university would not let Lu Yu be in a hopeless situation.

Moreover, logically speaking, the five clubs werent supposed to band together to attack a single club.

They could only make things more difficult in secret.

After thinking about it, Lu Yu felt he did not need to worry too much.

On the other hand, the five captains he kidnapped could be put to good use.

For these clubs, a captain from a stronghold was valuable.

Not only were these captains valuable in terms of strength, but they also had management experience.

If Lu Yu were to demand a ransom from the five major clubs, these captains would fetch an excellent price!

While Lu Yu was deep in thought, the door was pushed open, and Yun Zirou walked in with others behind her.

“There are three demi-humans that remain, and all of them have decided to join our club.”

“The first is Jiang Lian, a cat girl.

The second one is…”

The second one was also a girl with a pair of giant wings on her back.

The third person had a layer of scales on their body, similar to a snakes.

“From today onwards, you are all members of the Featherwing Club.”

Lu Yu looked at the three of them and revealed a faint smile.

The three of them shouted in unison, “Understood! President!”

Then, Lu Yu looked at Yun Zirou and said, “There are a lot of battle pets in the ranch outside.

Let our people go and train them, as these pets can quickly increase their strength.”

If all of the hundreds of battle pets outside were tamed, the overall strength of the Featherwing Club would increase by a large margin!

Yun Zirou nodded and replied, “I will organize people to tame them, but its too late today.

Lets wait until tomorrow.”

Lu Yu nodded and stood up.

“Ill go find a room.

Its time to rest.”

After saying that, Lu Yu walked along the corridor and found a bedroom.

He didnt have the time to admire the luxurious decorations in the bedroom and immediately fell asleep.

Yun Zirou couldnt help but yawn, either.

She looked at the three demi-humans and said, “You guys find a room to sleep in too.”

The entire villa was large, three stories tall, and almost the same as a small apartment building.

One room here was large enough to accommodate dozens of people.

Soon, the night passed, and the sun rose, cutting through this unforgettable night.

At nine in the morning, Lu Yu got up and began to wash up.

After cleaning up and changing his equipment, Lu Yu went downstairs to the living room.

Su Qing had already prepared breakfast for Lu Yu.

Yun Zirou and Su Qing sat in the living room, eating breakfast while watching TV.

Lu Yu sat next to the two of them.

“We can start repairing the stronghold today.

Last night, my punch left a mess in the backyard,” Lu Yu said casually while munching on his fried eggs.

Yun Zirou nodded, “I have already assigned the task.

This stronghold should be able to accommodate about twenty people.

However, I will bring the other members over one by one to tame the battle pets and bring them back.”

Su Qing suddenly thought of something and asked, “Oh right, you have captured five stronghold captains along the way, and what do you plan to do with them”

“Well, of course, well teach the five major clubs a good lesson!”

Yun Zirou and Su Qing became excited as they looked at Lu Yu.

“First of all, if they want to take them back, theyll definitely have to pay a price.”

“Moreover, well broadcast this process live.

Well let everyone at Clanorth University know that the five major clubs had no choice but to take this deal obediently!”

Hearing this, the two girls got even more excited.

“Thats great! If we do this, our reputation at Clanorth University will definitely be even higher!”

“Thats right! When the five presidents stand in front of us for a compromise, everyone will know the strength of our Featherwing Club!”

Lu Yu took out his phone and pulled out Liu Yes phone number.

After dialing the number, the other party quickly picked up.

After picking up, there was just silence for a long time.

On the other end of the phone, Liu Yes face was gloomy.

He had already received the news that the stronghold of the Battle Pets Club had been breached.

The entire wild forest became the territory of the Featherwing Club, and it would be difficult for them to return there.

“You… called me.

What do you want” Liu Ye asked in a low voice.

“President Liu, I first want to tell you that the wild forest is now the Featherwing Clubs territory.

I hope that the Martial Arts Club will never come here again.”

Hearing this, Liu Ye gnashed his teeth in anger.

The wild forest was a treasure trove of resources and had been the Martial Arts Clubs stronghold for a long time.

Now that they were giving it away, it made Liu Yes heart bleed.

“You brat, you sure have a big mouth.

Do you think you can monopolize the wild forests resources Are you sure you can eat all that up”

Lu Yu replied disapprovingly, “You dont have to care about that.

I just wont be letting your five major club members in, but if the other clubs want to come in, they can.”

“To put it bluntly, Im only targeting the five of you.

After all, I am just returning the favor.”

“Alright, then you should just stay in the wild forest and dont ever think of taking a step out!” Liu Ye shouted angrily.

He was afraid that the Featherwing Club would expand outwards, further reducing the resources of the five major clubs.

“This is not something that you can decide.

The Featherwing Club doesnt have many people, so the wild forest is enough.

But sooner or later, all of you will have to make way for me!”

“You sure talk big! Lets wait and see…”

Lu Yu quickly interrupted, “Im not calling you about this, but about your Martial Arts Clubs captain.

Hes with us.”

Hearing this, Liu Yes face darkened.

He knew about the news that Fang Qi had not returned.

“What do you want to do by taking Fang Qi hostage”

“I know that its not easy to qualify an excellent captain, so you dont want him to perish here, do you.”

Liu Ye gritted his teeth.

“You want to blackmail me”

“Thats a harsh way to put it.

Your captain is boarding my facilities, so is there anything wrong with me collecting rent, water, and electricity costs”

Liu Yes face was gloomy, and he said unhappily, “Theres nothing wrong with that.

So, tell me, whats your deal.”

“Come to the Battle Pets Clubs stronghold in the wild forest, and Ill wait for you here.

You better bring more, as Im afraid you cant afford to pay for him.”

“You dont have to worry about that.

Our five major clubs have a lot of money, so you better take good care of them!”

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